Oneonta Dollars for Scholars
                               Scholarship Awards Policy


1.     Oneonta Dollars for Scholars applications will be available to students in early January and close on a board designated date in February each year.  Students will complete the Student Profile in ChapterNet accessible via our website  Any changes to these dates are at the discretion of the board of directors.

2.     All award selections are based exclusively on merit.

3.     The awards are open to Oneonta City School District residents who are graduating from Oneonta High School or an Oneonta City School District based equivalent program in the current school year and who will attend a qualified post-secondary college, university, vocational school, or trade school.

4.     The Awards Selection Committee will score all applications as directed by the Awards Selection Committee Chair, using the point system outlined by Scholarship America's Dollars for Scholars office.  All awards will be determined on an anonymous and non-discriminatory basis.

5.    The names of applicants remain anonymous to evaluators during the evaluation process.

6.     Oneonta Dollars for Scholars minimum award will be $500.  Most awards are one-time awards.

7.     All applicants will be notified through the ChapterNet process as well as by letter of their award status.

8.     Sponsors will be notified of the name of their recipient by letter and will be invited to the awards ceremony where they may meet the recipient of their award.           

9.     Award certificates will be presented to recipients at the annual June awards program.  Checks will be prepared by the Treasurer upon receipt of a stamped, addressed thank you card /letter to the student's benefactor. Students will receive a check made to the institution of their choice and forwarded by the student to their respective institution of higher learning in a timely manner.

10.    The scholarship award can be deferred for no more than two years. Application deferral is necessary for each year and must be approved by the board of directors. If funds are not claimed, they will revert to Dollars for Scholars. Any recipient entering the armed services may defer their award for a maximum of 5 years. For access to the deferral letter and application Click Here.

11.  All awards are subject to the approval by the Oneonta Dollars for Scholars Board of Directors.

12.  This Scholarship Awards Policy will be reviewed annually by the Awards Selection Committee prior to the start of the Oneonta Dollars for Scholars scholarship cycle.  The committee chair shall submit any changes/updates to the Oneonta Dollars for Scholars Board of Directors for approval and shall notify within ten (10) days of any approved changes.  All changes/updates to the document, along with the vote of the Board of Directors, will be documented in Oneonta Dollars for Scholars meeting minutes.


Oneonta Dollars for Scholars does not discriminate on the basis of any applicable legally protected characteristic including, but not limited to, race, color, religion (creed), gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.


Updated:  October 15, 2020


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