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2022 Student Profile/Application open

January 11, 2022 - March 11, 2022

Complete profile, MATCH scholarships, APPLY

 The ChapterNet Student Dashboard is THE place students need to go for everything related to our chapter's scholarships. Click to Log in below to create or update your profile. Once your profile is complete, you MUST APPLY for the scholarships for which you qualify with just a few clicks.  The process does take some time, so please


Creating a student profile enters student application information.  MATCH to scholarships enters you in our system. APPLY finishes the application process.  Students can start this process at any time and we would recommend that they start in their freshman year.  It is an excellent way for them to gather and retain information to be used in the application process during their senior year.  Students are not eligible for awards until they are graduating.  Parents can also enter information that will help with the scholarship process.  Sign up and start today!


Resources for Students & Parents on the online application process.

ODS = Local student instructions  2022    Click Here

Information/directions for completing the student profile    Click Here

Information/directions on completing the recommendation  Click Here

Oneonta Dollars for Scholars does not require you to submit financial information for local scholarships.  However, if your student is interested in applying for/being eligible for scholarships from Scholarship America you may need to complete financial information.  Here are the directions:  Completing parent and financial information

Oneonta Dollars for Scholars Scholarship  ***ACCEPTANCE Directions***

Click here for Directions for accepting your scholarship  Click Here

Click here for Directions for Deferring your accepted scholarship  Click Here




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