Giving Options

Oneonta Dollars for Scholars accepts both unrestricted and restricted tax-deductible contributions throughout the year.

Unrestricted Contributions
Unrestricted contributions may be used to fund operating expenses or Board Designated Scholarships.
Restricted Contributions
Donors may restrict their donations for a particular purpose including long-term operating support and/or scholarships.

Restricted Scholarship donations:  funding and categories:

Contributions should be pledged by December 31 of the year prior to award distribution with minimum funding received by March 1 of the year of the award distribution. 

Annual:  One-time awards named to recognize an individual or group.  $500 minimum contribution.

Memorial:  One-time awards resulting from specific memorial donations that reach the $500 minimum contribution or the combination of multiple smaller memorial donations combined with Oneonta Dollars for Scholars funds known as the "Community Memorial Scholarship".

Sponsored:  One-time awards funded for more than one year.  $5,000 minimum contribution..

Renewable:  Multi-year awards funded in full in the initial year of award.  Minimum term is 2 years.  Minimum award is $500. Minimum contribution $1,000.

Endowed:  One-time:  One-time perpetual $500 award promised.  $10,000 minimum contribution.

Endowed:  Multi-year:  Multi-year perpetual $500 awards promised.  $10,000 minimum contribution per term-year.

Specific giving policy details may be found here in our 2022 Giving Policy.